Spanish Adventure II

  • La Casa Rota shop San Sebastian Spain

Last year was my first time teaching in Spain, and what fun it was. The classes were organized by two craftsmen who live nearby, Israel and Lorenzo. I'm back again this year for two more new classes.

TABLES will be our focus for the first class, making fun small tables that will improve your hand tools skills and expand your design vocabulary. I might have made 25 of these tables over the years, no two alike, and each one a chance to explore some new design idea or technique. 

The second class, 2 days (October 28, 29), will focus on DETAILS. I'll demonstrate edge details such as chamfers and beads, line inlays, and cockbeads for around a drawer and under and table apron. You'll have plenty of time to try each one, and maybe even work with some new materials such as metal and shell.