Garrett Hack

Garrett Hack

GARRETT HACK builds contemporary interpre-tations of Federal and other classic American styles on his farm in Thetford Center, Vermont.

A furniture maker for 35 years, Garrett originally trained at Boston University's Program in Artisanry. He is the author of The Handplane Book (Taunton Press, 1997) and Classic Hand Tools (Taunton Press, 1999). His articles appear frequently in Fine Woodworking, to which he is a Contributing Editor. Garrett is a member of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association. READ MORE »


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Why Handmade

Why would someone travel a thousand miles to a shop at the end of a dirt road to buy a piece of furniture? More »


Commissioning a piece of furniture is above all fun. It’s always an education. We look at anything from antique pieces to many other sources for inspiration, into different types of woods... More »