Living with beautiful objects is not a luxury. For me it’s a necessity. Especially today with the idea of living simply, it’s the pleasure of a few and meaningful possessions that excites me. Each has a unique character and holds something of the spirit of the maker — in a hand-knotted rug, a shapely carved mixing spoon, or the handmade chisels and planes I use building my furniture. This connection with the maker is rare, for where today can you collaborate with a skilled craftsman to create something that becomes a unique and satisfying part of your life? A piece of furniture I would answer.

Commissioning a piece of furniture is above all fun. It’s always an education. We look at anything from antique pieces to many other sources for inspiration, into different types of woods and other materials for their rich colors and subtle patterns, at appropriate joinery, and at the delightful details that so enriches the work. Into the mix go ideas from client and maker, practical needs and experienced knowledge, personal tastes and budget. Collaboration is often the catalyst for the most beautiful and satisfying works.

The best materials, carefully crafted joints, and polished finishes take time for sure. But what are these costs really when measured against something as simple as smoothly sliding drawers, noticing the gradual mellowing of the deep colors and patina of the wood, or the slow discovery of the details that I like to include, that only an intimate connection with the piece reveal? What’s the value of something you were part of creating, that becomes such a joy to live with and use? And just think of the fun future generations will have living with your handmade piece, when such connections will be even more rare and cherished.