First Video!

For the past few months I have been plugging away on my major piece and have a video to share about it soon. There is actually something to see, besides a lot of parts.

In the meantime, I finished a small cabinet started in Germany in 2015. It has a few interesting details, one of which is the panel for the door. The door frame is Claro walnut, the panel Brazilian rosewood on the outside, Claro on the inside. 

 I had only a small piece of Claro, and the rosewood was quite thin and not very long (guitar parts salvaged from Gibson guitars years ago). So the panel is laminated. The core is QS pine, with about 3/32" thick rosewood and 3/32" thick Claro "skins". They are just thick enough to cut the bevels of the panel (front and back). The panel has proven to be very stable as well.

I explain in this video a little about the panel, and how I joined together two pieces of rosewood to from panel, with a wavy abalone line between the two pieces. This is a useful design idea, that solved my problem with insufficient length, but also to distract your eye from the fact the rosewood is two pieces — although very similar in grain.

Here's the link to the video. More to come.

Norris jointer

For the past 25 years I have owned and used this Norris jointer. I have a few Norris and Spiers planes and find every one a joy to use, highly dependable and solid tools. Plus they are beautiful, especially so for their patina from years of use.

This jointer is 22-1/2" long, rosewood infill into a dovetailed steel sole, with what I understand to be the earliest Norris adjuster. The adjuster knob gives a patent date of 1913. I replaced the original Norris iron which was well used with a new iron Karl Holtey made for me. It is of his special steel alloy, holds an edge wonderfully, and is thick and stable. There is no damage to the plane other than the usual small dings you would expect on a tool used for over 100 years, and a tiny bit of surface rust on the sole in one spot.

I do not know the value of this plane, but am glad to entertain offers.